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Kylie Houlihan

Chief Health Transformation Officer

Kylie is a strategic and influential leader with 22 years’ practice in Clinical Services, Health Care Innovation and Digital and Transformational Excellence, specialising in chronic disease management and aged care in the Australian Public and Private Health and Community Care sectors. 

Kylie was at the forefront of the award winning MeCare Program providing tailored, intensive, virtual care to complex, chronically ill patients achieving over 50% reduction in hospitalisation while improving quality of life and cost savings. 

For the past 5 years, Kylie has a been a leader in the international health care industry, shaping value driven strategy, clinical governance, policy and service improvement initiatives and building influential relationships with major stakeholders including high-level government, medical, technology, payer and customer stakeholders and other affiliates to drive service integration and digitisation. 

A systems architect and subject matter expert (SME), Kylie is an astute analytical thinker, building high-performance teams and solving real-world problems through the design and implementation of bold new sustainable practices that are scalable, manageable, affordable and measurable. 

Kylie pushes the boundaries of service delivery to improve the quality and care for people backed by sound development, execution of focused strategy, performance evaluation and mobilisation of research within quality and safety controls. 

She is passionate about health and wellbeing and empowering people and teams to improve the quality of their lives and those around them. She believes in transforming ideas into successful innovations that embrace complexity and foster sustainable growth, collaboration and break through solutions. 


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