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Wellness Centre by integratedliving®

Our Wellness Centres feature gyms for seniors, including state-of-the-art equipment designed to help you maintain your fitness and stay active.

Remaining active as we age is essential for our wellbeing and the best way to achieve that is to do the right exercises for our ability.

We also offer a range of health and wellbeing programs to assist with diabetes management, cardiac, respiratory and nutritional wellness and much more! Learn how to use an iPad or join a morning tea to keep you socially connected to your local community. 

NOTE: Face mask must be worn at all our Wellness Centres. Click here to read our latest COVID-19 update.


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What else is available at our Wellness Centres?

To ensure that you have all the support you need to live comfortably, safely and independently at home, integratedliving developed a suite of Wellness for Independence programs focused on the prevention and management of chronic health conditions.

From diabetes to memory exercises, respiratory health to understanding palliative care, we make sure you have what you need to keep living well at home.


Client Stories

Our Wellness Centres are designed to help you reach your lifestyle goals!


Frequently Asked Questions

Our Cardiac Wellness program is designed for older people who have cardiac health conditions or may be at risk of developing these in the future.

Yes, this service can be aligned with your values and preferences. We will take the time to learn your individual cultural and care needs so they are always considered when making our recommendations. We will also encourage you to set meaningful goals and help you to achieve them. You may also have your preferred support person included during the program or access interpreting services if required.

This program doesn't include physical activities and is suitable for seniors at any fitness level. An initial assessment will be completed to determine your general health, allowing us to design a tailored program that meets your specific needs.

Yes, all participants will receive an iPad with a data plan, an iHealth device and an educational manual containing information on cardiac health.

Yes, our team can assist you with setting up iPad and iHealth devices. Yes, our team can assist you with setting up iPad and iHealth devices and provide you ongoing support througout the duration of the program.

You may keep the iHealth device but iPads will need to be returned upon the completion or cancellation of the program. You may keep the iHealth device and educational manual, however iPads will need to be returned upon the completion or cancellation of the program.

This program is run by Allied Health Professionals - registered and endorsed enrolled nurses. This program is run by Registered Nurses and Endorsed Enrolled Nurses.

You are encouraged to attend all sessions, but you can read the program manual to catch up on the ones you have missed. If you are unable to finish the program due to personal or health related reasons, we will assess your situation and add you to another program when it becomes available.


How to sign up to a Wellness Centre by integratedliving®

integratedliving Wellness Centre programs and services are available to integratedliving clients. Clients may be able to receive Government subsidised services through the My Aged Care process or can privately pay. Please contact our customer service centre on 1300 782 896 for more information or visit a centre near you to discuss your options with our Wellness Centre Coordinator. 

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