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Government Funding

Funding support from the Australian Government to assist you with services to stay living well and independently.

The Commonwealth Home Support Programme

The aim of the Commonwealth Home Support Programme is to provide funding support to older people who need basic assistance to stay living independently in their home. 

If receiving services as part of Commonwealth Home Support Programme you are expected to contribute to the cost of your care if you can afford to. 

Read more about the Commonwealth Home Support Programme here.

Home Care Packages

There are four levels of Home Care Packages to help meet different levels of care needs. Home Care Packages offer a wide range of funding support to support basic assistance through to high needs.

  • Level 1: basic care needs
  • Level 2: low-level care needs
  • Level 3: intermediate care needs
  • Level 4: high-level care needs

To receive services as part of a home care package, the Australian Government subsidy covers part of the cost and you pay a small contribution to cover the balance.

The Australian Government pays a different subsidy amount for each level of Home Care Package.

Read more about the Home Care Packages here

Department of Veterans' Affairs

Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) provides a variety of in-home and community support programmes focused on assisting you to continue living independently by supporting your health, wellbeing, and community connection.

If you are a Gold Card or White Card holder with low-level care needs, DVA’s Veterans' Home Care (VHC) Program can assist you to continue living in your home. The Program provides a range of home care services designed to maintain your health, wellbeing, and independence.

DVA funding may also be able to assist you with carer support, medication management, community nursing, and mental health services.

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