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Occupational therapy

Wheelchair and seating prescription, pressure care, fatigue management and home safety assessments and modifications.


Occupational therapy helps you to maintain or regain your independence with your day-to-day activities. We can show you how small changes can keep you living life to the fullest.

Our Occupational Therapists can help identify your strengths and difficulties and work out practical solutions to keep you doing the things you love such as getting out and about in your community. Occupational Therapy can also help you stay mobile and help manage things you need to do every day such as personal care and tasks around the house.

  • Qualified support tailored to your needs.
  • Ongoing strategies to maintain or regain independence.
  • Support you to do the things you want and need to do.

What's included?

Our Occupational Therapists provide a range of services and monitor your needs to keep you enjoying life.

Our services can include:

  • Seating prescription – Assessments to determine your wheelchair and seating prescriptions.
  • Home modifications – We can review your home and organise modifications to reduce falls risks and other hazards.

  • Products to increase independence – We have a range of items which can assist with tasks such as opening jars, reaching for items, reading small text and many other daily activities.

  • Keeping you comfortable – Support to manage fatigue, deteriorating vision and effects of chronic illness.

  • Falls prevention - We can make recommendations for non-slip products, correct lighting, and provide strategies on how to reduce trip hazards like cords and clutter.

  • Manual handling - Tips for carers on how to prevent injuries associated with manual tasks such as lifting, carrying, pushing, pulling.

Eligibility criteria*

  • You need to be aged over 65 or over 50 for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders.
  • Some services may be available to people aged under 65.
*Other eligibility criteria may apply Contact us for more info.

How can I pay?

There are several ways to access our services and programs, including the funding options outlined below.

Government Funding

Occupational Therapy is only available as part of Home Care Package Funding.

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Private Pay

You can choose to pay for our programs and services yourself if you’re not receiving government funding.

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National Disability Insurance Scheme support for people with a disability under the age of 65 years.

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The support you need

Your needs are different to others and we understand that. Get started now or call us to chat about how we can help you stay living, feeling and being well.

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You can choose which services you want and we’ll make a package tailored for you.